Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Casa Villa

This past Thursday, the gym where I play pick-up basketball was closed, so I decided to do something very similar – stuff my face with Mexican food and margaritas!

With Kyle and friend of the blog Dave in tow, we headed down to the new Casa Villa on East Main St. We would have gone to the Casa Villa on West Main, but there are only two reasons to enter that neighborhood – to go to KFC, or to get shot. (Note to residents of West Main: Kyle wrote that part.)

We walked in the restaurant, finding it tasteful and surprisingly spacious, with plenty of room for seating. But enough about the décor – it’s drinkin’ time.

As Kyle alluded to in the Lola’s post, Mexican beer is generally a sad state of affairs, so we did what any red-blooded Americans would do and ordered a pitcher of Margaritas. (Or is it a pitcher of Margarita? While it’s still in the pitcher is it technically one giant Margarita? Someone check up on this.)

If only I were on a beach, instead of staring at a storefront advertising scuba diving lessons.

I’m not a Margarita expert, but I found these to be pretty damn good. Not sickly sweet, not overloaded with tequila…it was just right. It’s what Goldilocks would have chosen if the three bears liked to party.

For my meal, I had steak Chilaquiles, which are like an order of nachos in which the chips have been cooked in with the rest of the ingredients. It was beefy, cheesy goodness.

 What are Chilaquiles? These are Chilaquiles.

Dave got an awesome-looking steak burrito, as well as “Flautas de Pollo” which he didn’t need since the burrito was enormous. And Kyle got the 3-taco combo, where you get to pick any 3 different meats for your order. He got one with chorizo, one with pork cracklins, and one with veal tongue - the first time Kyle’s French kissed a cow since college!

 ¡Ay caramba!

Overall, everything was delicious, and we were all very impressed. The ingredients were plentiful and fresh, including homemade tortillas, and it was nice to see some cool variations to typical Mexican fare on the menu. (Veal tongue, anybody?) Even the salsa stood out.

Oh and, ahem, the side of hot sauce and the extra basket of chips we ordered? Free. As it should be. Not that we’re naming names, Lola’s.

For great Mexican in Stamford, pile all your friends in the backseat of a ’97 Honda Civic and head on over to Casa Villa. You won’t regret it.

Until next time,

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  1. ryry you make me laugh. i love your witty banter.

    can our first date be to this mexican place? i'll even let you take a picture of my plate for your blog.

    <3 aly

  2. Damn that looks so good. I'm stuck at work right now and your blog is making me very hungary!

    Tyrone Smither
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  3. I'm glad to see a blog is making you into a country!

  4. Yeah, this place is really awesome! :) I know what you're saying about the KFC. Why is there a fence around it? We went in there once and ordered because Kristien had a crazy craving for fried chicken.

  5. really happy i fell upon this blog