Monday, February 21, 2011

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum - Best Beer Ever?

Sierra Nevada Hoptimum
Imperial/Double IPA
10.4% ABV, 100 IBU

Choosing favorites is risky business, but halfway through my first glass of this stuff, I had a revelation.

I can proudly say that this is my favorite beer.

Weighing in at 10.4% with 100 IBUs (International Bittering Units), this behemoth of a beer packs a mighty punch.  It's exactly the flavor profile I love -  bright, cheery hop aromas of zesty grapefruit up front.  Smooth, mildly sweet malts, balanced with hop bitterness and incredible fruity and citrusy hop flavors.  A bit of alcohol warmth, but no bite. I'm telling you, this thing was perfect. It's everything I've ever dreamed of. And that's when my revelation continued.

As hop-infused and alcohol doused brain neurons fired joyously, I realized how wonderful it is to be a beer drinker. You see, wine is almost entirely dependent on the crop, which depends on the weather conditions and a multitude of other things out of our control.  Beer is all about chemistry and ratios of ingredients, so when a brewer stumbles upon a magical combination, they can replicate it.  And as long as there's a market for it, that brew will be available next year, and years after. Stars don't need to align to make a beer delicious, so prices remain reasonable. A great wine can cost THOUSANDS of dollars, but I can buy 24oz of the best beer I'VE ever had (Ryan agrees) for a mere $7.99. Oh, the joys of being a beer drinker. Also, we're substantially less douchey.

So that's it. Hoptimum is an incredible alcoholic masterpiece. If you're lucky enough to find a store that still has some, buy it all and thank us later.


WARNING: Do not plan on drinking any smaller beers after this, they'll all shy away by comparison

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