Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Call it a Comeback. No, seriously, do it.

It’s been over 7 months since Kyle and I last posted on Food Plus Beer. (Sorry about that).

What can I say? The blog was dead. Buried. Finished. Work, relationships, and other similarly stupid things had taken over and prevented us from blowing your mind with manly culinary exploits, and frankly, we had no plans to start rolling again. That is, until something extraordinary happened:

A total stranger mentioned Food Plus Beer to Kyle and I while we were out to dinner. Yeah, that’s right…we were called out by a restaurant owner for not blogging anymore. What are the friggin’ odds?? Who knew people actually read this thing? I was shocked, awed, and totally impressed. (I’ve been known to have somewhat of an ego).

So I looked at Kyle and he looked at me and I looked at the restaurant owner and he looked at Kyle and we looked at one of the waiters and we all agreed: it’s back on. Much like the man upstairs, FPB has risen again from the dead.

Now, if only we could turn water into barleywine. (Haven’t you missed my crappy puns?)

In the next post (we promise it won’t be in 7 months), we’ll reveal who this mysterious restaurant owner is, and whether his restaurant is good, or sucks. Ooh, the suspense is killing me!

I missed you, anonymous, faceless reader.


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  1. Posted at 4:47 AM. Was this a drunk revival decision?