Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Captain Lawrence (New & Improved!)

Back in September, FPB visited the Captain Lawrence brewery. Since then, Captain Lawrence has moved from its old digs in Pleasantville, NY, to a bigger facility in Elmsford. This provided me with a great excuse to go drink beers fresh from the source. After all, we may have reviewed the Captain Lawrence brewery, but we haven’t reviewed THIS Captain Lawrence brewery.


In the old brewery, you could sample each of CL’s on-tap beers for free. In the new brewery (newery?), you pay $2 for a tasting glass (which you keep when you go home), and drink for free from that point forward. It’s definitely worth it if you can scrounge up the two bucks.

Drink beer, take home a souvenir. Hey, that rhymes!

The outside of the old brewery was a parking lot. Parking lots are cool and all, but the new brewery has a picnic table area and a bocce court, so you can drink while getting a tan.

Joanie loves Bocce.

The old brewery had no food. The new brewery has food. You can order a selection of local meats, cheeses, nuts, and jerkies while you’re sippin’ samples.

In addition, the tasting room has more than tripled in size, and the new facility is big enough that the brewers are able to put experimental brews on tap from time to time.

With the new changes in place, Captain Lawrence is an even better spot to do a little Saturday day-drinking. Bring friends, eat, drink, and be merry. Oh, and make sure you bring a growler – at 10 bucks a fill (and $11 for their Imperial IPA), you’ll be glad you did.


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