Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This burger could save the world.

You may have heard about the grilled cheese sandwich with the Virgin Mary's face on it, but what's so impressive about that? She's everywhere! Appearing in strange places is kind of her deal...

But this, my friends, is rare!  Ryan has been known to appear in McDonald's at least once a week, but never before has He been seen on the burger!  This is truly a message from God that Ryan must eat MORE cheeseburgers.  We all should!  

Obviously we're selling this burger on eBay.  That's clearly what you should do with any religious figure that appears in your food, right?  The Virgin Mary Cheese Sandwich fetched $28,000.  I think the McRyan deserves at least double that... there's both cheese and two "beef" patties in there! Just listen to what this burger can do:

  • It can make any sized space smell like McDonald's for days.
  • It will never go bad.
  • It has the power to make hearts stop.
  • It saved the world from the rapture a month ago.
  • It can save the world again...
Please send all bids to Kyle. Serious offers only - no low-balling!

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