Thursday, August 20, 2009

Food for Thought #1

You know, not every entry can be about massive double cheeseburgers and sweet deals. Well, OK, yes it can.

But there are a lot of philosophical matters in the world of food, and Food Plus Beer aims to tackle those as well. We will call these posts "Food for Thought," because it's a brilliant pun of Good Humor popsicle stick proportions.

Warning: This entry contains Non-FPB-Approved Dining.

At Food Plus Beer, we encourage culinary exploration – after all, your next favorite food could still be out there somewhere, unbeknownst to you. But this exploration could lead you into a moral dilemma.

New Zealand Dog Barbecue

The above link is a story of a relocated Tongan (native of Tonga…don’t worry, I had to look it up, too) man living in New Zealand who caused a whirlwind of controversy when he decided he’d had enough of his Staffordshire terrier, so he beat it over the head with a hammer, slit its throat, and ate it.

“Damn…Why didn’t I think of that?”

New Zealand law states that citizens can kill and eat their dogs, as long as they’re killed humanely. And what’s more humane than being bashed over the head with a hammer?

This man grew up in a part of the world where eating dogs is no big deal. I mean, we love to eat cows, even though it freaks out our wacky friends in India, right? Perhaps our aversion to eating our beloved terriers is nothing more than typical American ethnocentric attitude.

So let’s put it to a poll, shall we? You’ll notice the burning question lingering to the right.

Would you ever try dog meat?


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  1. Absolutely not! Not because I am seriously against it, but I guess because there are too many cute dogs out there. If it were life or death, I would have to you think it tastes like chicken??? I would stick with Chick-Fil-A's saying: eat more cow!!!